Wednesday, 13 October 2010

All the latest Veg-Heads news!

Hey all, if any of you have checked out our blogspot in the past you may remember that I wrote a wee piece on thrifty vegan spending for things like skincare products, cosmetics etc. So, just to update you on a few of those things. Firstly, see Michelle's post on facebook about how Simple shampoo/conditioner is now available in Poundland in Belfast. A pound I tells ya!!! You can't beat it. In addition, Poundland occasionally provide Original Source showergel, which is vegan and a few other products from Simple so keep your eyes peeled for vegan bargains.

Secondly, Lush have made even more of its products vegan and the range is expanding all the time. Not only that but they support animal rights causes like their current xmas campaign to ban greyhound racing, so please do try to support them in their efforts whilst also smelling like you fell into a bathtub of beautiful fragrances!! :p

And lastly, Superdrug have also expanded their vegan range. I actually get giddy with excitement when I go into Superdrug and find the latest thing they've brought out that's all vegan-friendly. Like recently I discovered some lovely face-masks - a cucumber one and a chocolate one - all vegan! So pop in for a wee nosey and join me in this mild vegan giddiness! Lol.

In other veg-heads news, we are hoping to have a potluck in November, which is world vegan month, so watch out for an invite. Also, the Queens Vegetarian and Vegan Society is up and running again this semester and they are hoping to have a stall in the students union before xmas and they have asked for our help with leaflets and volunteers so if anyone is up for that just let Donna or me know.

That's all for now folks.
(Vegan Hugs)