Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Veggie-goodness in Belfast

Since this blog began we have had a list of the best vegan/vegetarian places in Belfast down the side for you to check out. But we thought we'd take this opportunity to let you know about two places in particular that might be worth checking out at the moment.

The first is Oodles Noodle bar on Botanic Avenue (http://www.oodleslovesnoodles.com/). Although not strictly vegan/vege, this places offers delicious and affordable vegan/veggie food prepared right in front of you. You can either sit in or take away and the staff are always pleasant and welcoming. In addition, on a recent visit we have discovered that Oodles are now selling vegan goodies made by the company 'Natasha's Living Food' (www.natashaslivingfood.ie), which is based in Dublin. According to the member of staff I spoke to, this company is the only one in Ireland making such vegan treats and Oodles are their only distributor in Northern Ireland, so they are definitely worth checking out.

The second place is World Peace Cafe on Donegall Pass (below Potala Buddhist Centre and just past the police station), who are open Monday-Friday 12-2pm for vegetarian/vegan lunches in a relaxed atmosphere. The cafe are holding an event on Friday 23rd April at 7pm with a half hour meditation (optional) followed by a three course veggie meal (with vegan options) for £12.50. This event needs to be pre-booked and you can find out how to contact the cafe by visiting their website at http://www.meditationinbelfast.org/wpc.html.

Check out the list on the left-hand side for more ideas on where to eat out/buy food in Belfast.

(Vegan Hugs)

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