Wednesday, 23 September 2009

any recipes?

As anyone got some interesting recipes? if I make any yummy vegan food I'll post recipe and pic, if you have one post me the ingredients to , don't worry I'll say it was all yours and write your names on the posts :) x


  1. That was a pic of a vegan lasagna I made I'll post the ingredients for it soon when i remember them lol as made it awhile ago.

  2. Tesco meat free bacon and brie toasted sandwich helps me get over a saturday night every sunday morning - yum. Not vegan but getting there.
    I tried vegan cheese last week and nearly barfed.
    Does anyone know where you can buy fishless fingers and fishless scampi? Apparently it is sold in supermarkets across the water, but when has NI ever kept up with res tof the world eh?