Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Well Hello :)

Hi all fellow veg heads :) this blog was set up for The Belfast Vegan and Vegetarian society, I used to use a google group page but a lot of people found that hard to get into so I thought a blog spot and a face book page for the group would be much better so here we are, the facebook link is ( or just find me on face book ie BlackRat and look for my groups and join :0)
Basically I am a local contact for The vegan society and I am here to answer any vegan questions for people in Northern Ireland (not just Belfast) and I have also set up a group for other Vegan and vegetarians to meet up within Northern Ireland (but I am based in Belfast hence the name of the group) to go for drinks,meals, organise events and stalls etc, or just swap info and make new friends with like minded ideals :)

Please feel free to come and join the group and join the chats here.

((vegan hugs))

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  1. Hi Donna, finally worked out how to join! I think it's fab that you've set this page up. Guess marketing is the way forward! Do you have any of those leaflets/cards (like the one I found at Eatwells)? I'd like a few to accidentally drop around my place of work, bars etc.