Sunday, 13 March 2011

Latest Veg-Head update

Hi there, lovely people. This is just a quick post to update any of our non-facebook followers. Since our last post in November we have had two more successful potlucks. The first of these was hosted by Adrienne in November and the latest one was hosted by Daniel in February. We also had our annual veg-heads Xmas night out in December at the Limelight, Belfast where much alcohol and drunken antics were partaken of.

We are hoping to have another potluck in April and we will be organising other events like veggie picnics and so on once the warmer summer weather returns. In addition, we are trying to organise a charity event for August called 'Bike 4 Bears', which aims to raise money for the WSPA's work to help rescue bears from cruel practices like bear-baiting.

The number of members in the group is still growing all the time and it's great to get the opportunity to meet so many new people. As Belfast is such a small city, and nowhere near as veggie-friendly as (the relatively) nearby cities like Dublin, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Manchester, it can sometimes feel like you are a complete outcast and a weirdo living here, especially when you hear ignorant comments to that effect from other people. But rest-assured that you can be a very happy and healthy vegetarian or vegan living in Northern Ireland, and the Belfast veg-heads are here to make life that little bit easier for you.  Our main source of news and information is still facebook so please request to join us there if  you have not already done so. 

That's all for now.

Vege Hugs.

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