Sunday, 13 March 2011

Other Vege Belfast news- R.I.P. Oodles and World Peace Cafe

Several months ago I wrote about 2 of my favourite veggie-friendly places in Belfast - Oodles Noodles and World Peace Cafe. Unfortunately, I'm sorry to say that both of these lovely cafes have since closed down. Oodles was always a very small and relatively quiet noodle bar because of its size and location. Despite how lovely the food was it was only ever busy at lunchtimes and weekend evenings and even then it was quieter than other local restaurants. Of course, this was part of its charm as it meant the staff were always much friendlier and took the time to chat with their clientele. Since Xmas 2010 it has been closed with a 'To Let' sign outside and it has recently been taken over by the sandwich chain, Doorsteps.

World Peace Cafe was a voluntary-ran cafe below the Buddhist centre in Donegall Pass, Belfast but since June last year it has remained on hiatus and then eventually it permanently closed down.

I have removed these cafes from our veggie-friendly list on the blogspot homepage. But do not despair, as we have found that actually many restaurants in Belfast, even those without explicitly veggie/vegan items on their menus, can be very accommodating and are willing to make substitutions if need be to satisfy our requirements. In addition, bigger chains like Pizza Express and Wagamama have great veggie options and are open around Belfast. I have also added to the list some more places which are very popular with fellow Belfast vege people, like Boojum, and if you have any recommendations for good veggie-friendly food places do please let us know.

In the meantime, we will miss you Oodles and World Peace Cafe, and we hope you may be reincarnated elsewhere in the city soon. R.I.P.



  1. Ginger is great especially if you go early and have the choice between pre-theatre and a la carte, you have up to four veggie mains to choose from!!!
    Also, don't laugh, but Chiquito in Victoria Square, has about 20 veggie options and it's cheap and cheerful too :-)
    I tried to post the above comment on the FB page but it wouldn't let me - it lets me write in the comments box but not actually send the comment!

  2. Hi Zoe. Thanks for the tip, I'll add it to the list. By Ginger, do you mean the Ginger Tree or that other place around the corner from Bourbon on Great Victoria Street? Regarding the FB page, instead of the blue comment box that you click after you've written your comment, FB have changed the settings so that all you have to do now is press the return/enter key on your computer and it posts. Try that and see if it works for you. :)

  3. DOH silly me!
    Yes, Ginger in Hope St - one of my fav places to go for a reasonable amount of choice and the quality is excellent. I'd highly recommend their asparagus tempura :-)

  4. Sorry to hear it, tried neither of those two places.